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How to study at UoPeople? 【Explained by a Japanese student】Get an accredited online American University degree for less than $5000!


I’m Sakurai panda that loves wearing a mint-colored panda pajama (@ Pandasakurai1)!

I hear a lot of worries about wanting to study in the US or Europe but cannot afford to pay too much money, want to study abroad but can’t get enough money right away, or want an English degree but can’t go abroad. I was one of them.

In this article, I will introduce the University of the People that solves those concerns.

UoPeople is a tuition-free university, but what kind of university is it?

UoPeople is tuition-free (up to US $ 500,000), accredited online American university, recognized by the State of California, and has a degree granted by the California State Higher Education Institution (BPPE). Because it is accredited, you can transfer from an ordinary American university and transfer credits, so there is no difference from ordinary American universities.

Professors are from prestigious universities such as Oxford, NYU, Princeton University, etc. They have a partnership with Microsoft so if you become a student you can use the Microsoft office for free!

Associate and Bachelor degrees include ①Business Administration, ② Computer Science, and ③ Health Science

Master’s courses include ①Master of Business Administration ②Master of Education.

Shai Reshef,the president of UoPeople did a great talk on TED TALK.

How can Japanese study UoPeople?

What are the entry requirements for UoPeople’s Associate Degree?

  • 16 years old or older
  • Can issue a high school diploma certificate
  • has English proficiency

These three are the main premise.

What are UoPeople’s Bachelor’s Degree admission requirements?

  • 16 years old or older
  • Can issue a high school diploma certificate
  • has English proficiency

This also has the same admission requirements as Associate Degree.

What are the entry requirements for UoPeople’s Master’s Degree?

This depends on the faculty.

For business administration:

① Certificate of graduation from a 4-year university
② English language skills
③At least 2 years of work experience

④ Letter of recommendation (from supervisor or university professor)

For Master of Education: ① 4-year university diploma certificate ② English proficiency

How much English skills do I need to enter UoPeople?

You can prove your English proficiency in one of the following ways:

② Take an official test to prove your English skills (TOEFL, IELETS, etc.)

If you take the English course of the university of, you can prepare before actually taking the class from this page. You will be able to find out for yourself what is covered in which week.

②The following tests are accepted when taking the official English tests

  • TOEFL: For bachelor’s degrees, at least 500 for paper base、At least 61 for internet base。At least for 530 MBA for paper base、Internet Base:At least 71
  • IELTS: for bachelor’s degrees6.0。For Master’s degrees6.5。
  • Eiken:Pre 1 grade or higher
  • Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic Test: Bachelor 44. Master’s degree is 50.
  • ACT Compass English Proficiency Exam: Level 3
  • Cambridge English: First FCE-(CEFR): Grade C or B2

Are there entrance exams and tests for UoPeople?

There is no entrance exam in UoPeople, so anyone who meets the requirements and who can prove their English proficiency can enter, so enrollment is not difficult.

However, there is a mandatory course that everyone has to take before enrolling and taking a full-fledged course, called Online Education Strategies. There is no difficult content, and you will learn things you need to know when studying at an online university such as the knowledge necessary for taking the online course with UoPeople, how to progress the class, submit your homework, etc.

For details on the actual flow, check out this article!

You can browse the contents of the course from this site and prepare for the course.

What documents are required to apply for UoPeople enrollment?

All procedures needed to apply for UoPeople can be done online.

① High school graduation certificate (English)

②A copy of the original diploma (or transcript showing graduation) certified by a notary public sent directly to UoPeople (submitted by mail or online)

③ If an applicant, such as a refugee or asylum seeker, cannot submit the above documents, please contact “” before proceeding. All cases are evaluated individually at the discretion of the university.

For my high school diploma, I contacted my high school teacher and prepared an English diploma.

Regarding the graduation certificate mentioned in ②, I had an Apostille certified high school graduation certificate in Japanese and in English , so I scanned it and sent it by email. Apostille is a certificate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which can be issued to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by mail or directly and issued free of charge.

Click here for Apostille.

How much does it cost to graduate from UoPeople?

Admission to UoPeople from 1st year

The total cost is:

  • Associate: $2060
  • Bachelor: $4060
  • MBA: $2460
  • Master of Education: $2660

The details of tuition are as follows.

  • 1.$60 for application fee
  • 2.Bachelor: $ 100 for taking each final exam
  • 3.Master’s course: $ 200 for taking each final exam

Cost of transferring to UoPeople

When transferring from another university, credit transfer can be made to UoPeople, so the graduation years will be reduced and costs will be reduced.

Transfer costs are: $ 17 per course.

In my case, I transferred 60 credits and it costed only about 30,000 yen (about $300), and when I transferred to New York University Prague, which I attended before UoPeople, it costed about $1000! So UoPeople was much cheaper.

Are there scholarships?

Here is a list of the 12 scholarships offered by the university.

And you can apply for a scholarship from here.

UoPeople was created with the desire to make higher education available to financially difficult and refugee people, so everyone has the opportunity.

Can I get a job after graduating from UoPeople?

The university website states that some of the graduates have jobs at Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, JP Morgan, UN and World Bank.

There are four types of employment support at the university:

①Get the following services at the Career Service Center:

  • Form a resume, create a cover letter
  • Job hunting skills
  • Interview techniques
  • Professional networking skills
  • Career planning in major field

②Introduction of internship: If there is a student that is suitable for an internship, they will be notified by email while they are at school.

③Guidance by Program Advisor

When you enroll, you will have one Program Advisor per student when you enter. If you have any questions while at school, they will answer any questions you may have.


A community site exclusively for UoPeople, such as Facebook, created to connect the UoPeople network.

In fact, my Program Advisor answers to various questions and supports me by encouraging me when I’m worried about continuing my class because of my professor, or when there is something wrong with the course. (All exchanges will be sent by e-mail within 3 days)

There is also a Japanese group at Yammar and people ask for course advice! The largest group is about 100 people ^ ^


“I want to study abroad and get an American degree! I want to study English and improve my English! ” You have these kinds of thoughts, However, studying abroad in the United States usually costs more than $18,000…

If you study at UoPeople,it costs less than $5000 for 1 bachelor’s degree!It really cuts costs to the utmost, making it a system for anyone in the world to receive higher education.

You can transfer to UoPeople or transfer from UoPeople to another university. I have actually seen someone who was transferring to a Canadian university on the Yammar or Facebook group page.

UoPeople has few blogs, but I will do my best to disclose as much information as possible.

The following article explains how to enroll in UoPeople, so check it out too!

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